Schools Programme

Schools programme – part of our philosophy is to provide all school children the opportunity to play tennis.

Tennis is a fantastic way to build a child’s confidence whether that be individually or in a group. Some people say tennis is not a group sport, but here at Active Advantage, we believe tennis is also a team sport – whether that be competing in doubles matches or team building in a group coaching session. Tennis compared to other contact sports, is very safe. It’s a fun sport that uses nearly all the muscles in your body, as well as keeping you fit and active. It’s a sport that involves sprints, as well as constant changes in direction and motion. It builds muscles and stamina. Here at Active Advantage, we make tennis an affordable sport. We provide all the rackets and equipment and each school session offers value for money with the session being comparable in price to other school sports such as football or dance, for example. Once your child starts improving their game in our sessions, they can show off their new-found skills by playing at the weekends in local courts, all year round.


In our schools’ programme, we teach the children different techniques, co-ordination, exercises, agility, racket skills, different shots e.g. serve, forehand, backhand, volley. Tennis sessions take place in the sports hall or on the playground. We have all the equipment needed including nets, rackets, balls and cones. We can teach up to 24 children, with an assistant.


Please get in touch if you are interested in your child taking part in tennis at school. If your child’s school is not already working with Active Advantage, we will go and meet the head and PE teacher to discuss setting up a programme. If you aren’t sure whether Active Advantage are in your school or if you have any queries regarding your school’s tennis programme, please get in touch.

School Session Dates

If you do not see your school here and are interested in setting up a programme, please get in touch here.
  • Ashtree

    Monday 16th April to Monday 16th July

  • Codicote

    30th April – 1st May

  • Hatfield Heath

    Tuesday 24th April – Tuesday 17th July

  • Hillmead

    Tuesday 17th  – Tuesday 22nd May

  • Holyrood

    Thursday 19th April – Thursday 12th July

  • Kelvedon Hatch

    Wednesday 18th April – Wednesday 18th July

  • Lodge Farm

    Tuesday 17th April – Tuesday 17th July

  • Manuden

    Tuesday 24th April – Tuesday 17th July

  • Pirton

    Thursday 19th April – Thursday 19th July

  • Sacred Heart Catholic School

  • Someries

    Wednesday 18th April – Wednesday 23rd May

  • St. Pauls Catholic (Cheshunt)

    Friday 20th April – Friday 20th July

  • Tudor Primary

    Monday 23rd April – Monday 16th July

  • Whitchurch Combined

    Thursday 26th April – Thursday 19th July