“Our son James has been going to tots tennis with Guy for the past year and really enjoys it. He has gone from not being able to hit a ball over the net to being able to have a rally and a good variety of shots – it’s lovely to watch and I’m amazed at his improvement. Guy is very patient and encouraging and James is always smiling on the court.”


Tots Tennis

“Guy has been the Club Coach at Codicote Tennis Club for the past 5 years. He is an enthusiastic coach who works with the club to offer a programme to improve members technical ability and tactical match play skills. Guy runs regular Adults, Junior and Tots Tennis groups, fun packed Cardio Tennis sessions and kids camps. Many of our members have also benefited from Guys individual coaching approach which is designed and tailored to the individuals needs. Why not give him a try and improve your skills.”


Maxine, Chair Lady.

Beneficial to all!

“Cardio tennis is the only exercise that I’ve actually stuck with! Guy makes it really good fun. The drills are fast-paced and constantly changing so that the time flies. It’s really social too and I’ve met some lovely people. I look forward to the session every week and get annoyed when I can’t make it”


Really good fun

Our Philosophy


Our aims, objectives and commitments

Our goal is to inspire, motivate and encourage you by offering a positive, high standard of all tennis related areas – mental and emotional, tactical, physical, strategic and technical.  We want to support you in realising, experiencing and achieving your full potential. Our priority is to improve your performance and have fun, which will naturally increase your confidence and competence on the court. Each coach will deliver positive, constructive and encouraging feedback to increase your confidence on court. Whether you are a beginner or a high-performance player, we work on long term progress, as opposed to short term results.

Here at Active Advantage, we aim to develop independent players who strive for excellence. We get a thrill out of seeing a client improve their game each week. To see a child learning a new skill, feeling a sense of achievement and developing a love of the game, is why we do what we do. To see an adult feeling good about themselves, gain a competitive edge and win a match, to us as coaches, is a job well done.


Active Advantage has five main objectives that are at the forefront of each coaches’ mind.

  • To allow our clients to have a great time and create an enjoyable space for clients to grow a love of the sport.
  • To develop a sense of competitive spirit in each of our clients.
  • To positively critique and give feedback, offering encouraging support based on effort.
  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment to thrive.


As a client of Active Advantage, our commitment to you is:

  1. Ensure each lesson is uniquely tailored to you.
  2. To provide each lesson/session delivered by a trained professional who enjoys being on court and coaching you.
  3. To continually develop, improve and change the coaching programme.
  4. To ensure all coaches attend regular internal and LTA training courses and that coaching techniques are up-to-date, dynamic and innovative.
  5. Provide cover, where possible, in the event of sickness or absence.
  6. Maintain professionalism and enthusiasm on the court at all times.
  7. Ensure all coaches are up to date with their license, first aid, DBS, training and policies.
  8. Apply a strong governance structure, with the ability to escalate any issues or complaints.
  9. Be open and transparent regarding feedback, comments and complaints, which will be acted upon.



As well as the above, if you a reading this as a school head or PE teacher, our commitment to you is:

  1. To provide an inclusive opportunity to allow all students to flourish regardless of ability, financial background or creed.
  2. Guarantee Safe practice as paramount. The health and safety of the pupils is our main priority. All of our coaches are familiar with the LTA safeguarding policy and we are governed by the LTA’s policies and procedures.
  3. Arrive early before the first student arrives and leave only once the last student has left or been picked up.
  4. Not cancel school sessions unless all coaching cover options have been exhausted. In the rare occasion this happens, the session will be postponed, and all parents/the school will be contacted.
  5. To take a register at each session.
  6. Prior to the sessions commencing, Active Advantage will undertake a risk assessment which is a live document and updated/reviewed regularly when risk changes.
  7. To ensure coaches are aware of any health conditions/allergies of each pupil and will factor this in to each session.
  8. Safely record all parent’s contact details should we need to contact a parent. (Some school prefer to manage this internally – we work in line with your requirements).
  9. To work collaboratively with you to develop the school programme, developing a training programme that is flexible to your needs.
  10. As attention spans are often shorter with younger children, we aim to keep them active by proving a well structured, organised and fun session.



As well as the above, If you are a committee member, chair person of a club or manager of a club our commitment to you is:

  1. We will actively seek new members and part of our remit is to increase the yield. We do this by organising open days, actively promoting the club through social media and our industry contact and retaining current members by dealing with any queries promptly and professionally.
  2. We will attend an agreed number of club sessions and committee meetings.
  3. We will be 100% committed and dedicated to your club. Attending social events, competitive matches and events where able.